Prestige Homes Real Estate is an independently owned real estate office. The REALTORS® that comprise this office have in excess of 100+ years of combined industry experience and offer you a sophisticated and comprehensive “white-glove” service.

Extensive Experience

Our REALTORS® are former award winning agents from very large franchises; and are a powerhouse group of successful and multi-faceted agents. More importantly, we possess a great deal of knowledge and experience relative to the real estate industry, past and present with our eyes keenly focused on the future. Our agents come from various walks of life which has contributed to their well-rounded knowledge. Whether it be finance, marketing, sales or the art of negotiation, our agents come to the table well prepared.


Our Commitment to Clients

Our degree of commitment and client service covers many demographic groupings and we make use of the technology and know-how to work effectively with each of these groups. Our primary focus is and will always be our clientele. And yes, we classify our agents as part of our clientele. It is our responsibility to ensure that our agents possess the training, guidance knowledge and education that is required to ensure an “award winning” real estate experience.

Prestige Homes Real Estate will provide one stop shopping for all age demographics. From seasoned to young investors, our understanding of the needs and wants of the BabyBoomers, Generation X and Generation Y/ Millennials is clearly defined.

We Are Here for You

Whether you are taking that 1st step into home ownership or struggling with the decision to downsize and sell the family home that is made up of many happy memories, we can guarantee that you will have one on one encounters with a wealth of experience and knowledge and a focus on sensitivity and patience. Understanding the core base of our clientele, their needs and the demographics associated with the real estate industry will allow us to better meet the needs of all client types.

Our office has served in over 90 different communities throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.